Zenfolio | MotoExpress | German F1 Nurburgring 2011
The German F1 is a brilliant experience. The circuit and the surrounding area is fantastic. Our small group enjoyed a wonderful weekend and for those guests who arrived on Thursday got a free pit lane walk and bus trip around the nurburgring circuit. Our lap time 6 minutes 32 seconds! On Sunday we were treated to a masterclass from Jenson. It sort of spoilt the party for the German fans but 'hey ho'! That's life. For details of MotoExpress F1 events go http://www.motoexpress.co.uk
Mercedes standP1140188.jpgCochemColognePit lane walkinside the nurburgring boulevardGP2 driversPit lane walkCochemCologneinside the nurburgring boulevardBus ride around the nurburgring circuitinside the nurburgring boulevardPit lane walkSurely they are too young to race cars?On the way to the circuitCologneThe old Nurgurgring the famous Nordschleifeinside the nurburgring boulevardVettel bus