It's September and each weekend the Grand Prix circus travels around Europe. Our travels start in Belgium for the Spa F1 then we drive down through Germany, Austria and Switzerland to arrive in Italy. We then drive up and down Italy hosting events at the San Marino MotoGP and the Monza F1. Finally we head into Switzerland for a short break before driving back home. Very busy but extremely enjoyable.
Frieberg - GermanyJulierpass - SwitzerlandHockenheimring Museum - GermanySan Marino - ItalySomewhere on the road to Bergamo - ItalyUrbino by nightSolden - AustriaHockenheimring Museum - GermanySan Marino - ItalyFrieberg Hills - GermanySolden - AustriaLausanne - SwitzerlandUrbino - ItalyFerrara - ItalyTimmelsjoch Pass - AustriaLausanne - SwitzerlandLake Lugano - ItalyFerrara - ItalyTimmelsjoch Pass - AustriaUrbino - Italy